Welcome to my Blog

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Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog 10. 19. 2014. | craig | 1 comment Welcome to my blog. Th...
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Welcome To Craig Scott's Blog
My mission is to reveal the good & the bad of this online industry. I would like to share my Journey with the world. Please look around as I will be adding more to the blog when time goes by.
Please connect with me because I am here to help you...

Website Design

If you join my team I will build you a website for free plus hosting is included. Just contact me for more information.

Mobile App Development

I will show you how to build apps & how to rank them in Google Play.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO for short. I will show you how to pick the right domain & then show you how to rank in the search engines.

Internet Marketing

I will show you ways on how to sky rocket your results.

Social Media

Is very powerful & I will show you how to laser target your leads fast.

So who am I

2072Hi my name is Craig Scott & I would like to welcome you to my new blog. I will be sharing my journey with you. I started online/mobile marketing way back in 2010 & have learned so much. Now it's time to share my knowledge with the world. I am a panel beater at trade for 22yrs & thought enough was enough & decided to start a new career & here I am. From a guy not knowing a thing about to computers to ranking websites on Google is not bad achievement. Now I rank my mobile apps on Google play. I want to share it with you so you can do the same or better.

I will be adding so much to my new blog so please come back now & again because I would love to here your story. It's all about sharing knowledge & helping each other out.

I will also be revealing all the scams out there & who not to trust. I know how hard it is out there & been caught out before with scams, so I will be showing you who to trust & why you should trust them. End of the day guy's people buy from people. Very true & I know how hard it is to fall into the push button crap that's out there. I still do buy things to test out only because marketing is all about testing to see what works for you.

I will be adding training videos to this site as well. Plus I will be giving away loads of free stuff so look out for that if you can't see it on the site just now. I am just working on my new app for this blog so this will be up very soon. Apps are cool guy's because mobile is the future. 


Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog 10. 19. 2014. | craig | 1 comment Welcome to my blog. Th...
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Down below are free mp3's that will help you to get started. I so wish I had these when I 1st started. This mindset training is a must & it does work trust me. I have only given you 5 just now. If yo would like the rest contact me & I will give you them all for free (worth over $1000)

Share with your friends & get more software for free....

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